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Gift is largest for Mount Auburn Hospital

Frank Stanton Left $6.5m gift Frank Stanton Left $6.5m gift

Mount Auburn Hospital of Cambridge said it received its largest donation ever, from a charity founded by Frank Stanton, the legendary CBS executive who died in December at 98.

The $6.5 million gift from the Ruth and Frank Stanton Fund was made public Saturday during the hospital's annual fund-raising dinner at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston.

The hospital will name its new building, currently under construction, for Frank Stanton. The $80 million structure, with 40 private patient rooms, two operating rooms, a cardiovascular center, and 250 parking spaces, is expected to open in about a year.

"All of us at Mount Auburn are deeply grateful for this magnificent gift, which will sustain our commitment to provide clinical excellence and care with compassion for the region we serve," said Jeanette Clough, the hospital's chief executive, in a statement. The next-largest gift to Mount Auburn Hospital was $2.5 million.

Stanton worked for decades alongside William Paley, who built Columbia Broadcasting System into a radio and television empire. He played a key role getting CBS to embrace new technologies and platforms, including color television and recorded music. He also helped the company earn its nickname, the Tiffany network, because of its emphasis on high quality journalism and tasteful entertainment. He left CBS in 1971.

Stanton received long-term care from Mount Auburn Hospital and moved to Boston, in part to be closer to the hospital and his physician, said Clough. Stanton himself directed a gift be made to the hospital, she said.

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