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TJX timeline

Jan. 17: TJX Cos. says it suffered an unauthorized intrusion into its computer systems, potentially compromising customer credit and debit card data as far back as 2003. The company said it knows of no misuse of data.

Jan. 18: Credit card companies, banks, and customers begin to report fraudulent use of credit and debit card numbers that had been stored in the TJX system. Thousands of cards are canceled.

Feb. 21: TJX reports hackers may have gained access to its computers in 2005, a year earlier than it previously thought.

March 28: TJX puts the number of credit and debit card numbers stolen by hackers at 45.7 million, but says about 75 percent of those were expired or had their data masked.

July: Florida police obtain guilty pleas from several individuals in Florida for using credit card numbers taken from TJX to purchase $8 million in gift cards and electronics at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.

Aug. 14: In a corporate filing, TJX puts the total cost of the data breach at $256 million.

Sept. 21: TJX reaches a tentative settlement with customers affected by the breach, offering store vouchers to those affected and planning to hold a three-day "customer appreciation" sale. The settlement is later amended to offer affected customers the choice of vouchers or cash.

Sept. 25: Canadian privacy officials fault TJX for failing to adopt adequate safeguards to protect customer information.

Oct 23: Court filings in a case brought by banks against TJX say the number of accounts affected by the thefts topped 94 million.

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TJX timeline