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Dell expects near 20% growth in shipments to parts of Asia

SINGAPORE -- Dell Inc. expects shipments of personal computers, notebooks, and servers in Asia excluding China, Japan, and South Korea to grow almost 20 percent in 2007, a company executive said yesterday.

Dell's president for Asia Pacific South, Paul-Henri Ferrand, did not give a figure for the 2006 shipments for the same market but said shipments for the whole of Asia, including China, Japan, and South Korea, reached 3.5 million units per quarter last year.

Dell, which was recently displaced by Hewlett Packard Co. as the world's largest PC maker, plans to change the way it sells its products to help boost sales in the region, Ferrand said at a media briefing.

Dell is the number two maker of PCs with 15 percent of the global market, compared with HP's 19 percent, according to technology research companies Gartner and IDC.

Last month the company started selling a few systems at US Wal-Mart stores.