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Help a MassChallenge startup: Guided Surgery Solutions

Posted by Chad O'Connor  February 20, 2013 11:00 AM

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[Editor's Note: In case you missed Global Business Hub Contributor Ellen Keiley's segment on RadioBDC earlier this week, you can listen to it here.]

Another installment in our ongoing series to help innovative MassChallenge companies get the word out about what they offer and get connected with what they need to thrive.

How did Guided Surgery Solutions get started?
Dr. Jerome Haber is a Wellesley-based periodontist and award-winning researcher who has placed dental implants for much of his 36-year career. He invented the products behind Guided Surgery Solutions in his clinical practice, out of a desire to provide his patients with the best possible care, and a dissatisfaction with currently available products.

It is often difficult to accurately drill a hole in the jaw into which an implant is placed. The most accurate technology involves the use of implant planning software and a commercially produced 3D-image based drill guide. However, Dr. Haber found that available drill guides were too expensive to use in most patients and had significant design limitations that often kept them from working well. In response to his dissatisfaction with the commercial tube guides, he developed an alternative drill guide technology, a 3D-based guide without a tube.

While a student at Harvard Business School, Dr. Haber’s son, Doug, recognized the opportunity to commercialize his father’s technology. With roots in private equity, Doug assessed the market demand and competitive landscape, and began the patent process. His survey of 12,000 implant-placing doctors validated the broader market dissatisfaction and the demand for a better technical solution and economic value. With that diligence in hand, the Habers formed Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC, and last year recruited Jeremy Benedict, the Director of Global Marketing & Strategic Programs at management consultancy Bain & Company, to lead the company full-time.

What does Guided Surgery Solutions do?
Guided Surgery Solutions designs, manufactures, and sells drill guides for dental implant surgery. Our patent-pending ThinLayer™ Guides are based on pre-operative planning with 3D images of the patient’s oral anatomy. They address existing product design limitations, sell for half the price of competing guides, require no upfront investment (compared to $5-10K with competitors), and are compatible with the implant systems and drills that dentists already use. Our new customers have a short learning curve, supported by 1-1 training sessions.

We are systematically eliminating the technical and economic barriers to the adoption of guided surgery, effectively putting it within the reach of any implant surgeon. We recently did our first trade show – Yankee Dental Congress in Boston – and early dentist response has been extremely favorable.

How can our readers be of help?
Tell your dentist: We welcome any introductions to general practitioners, periodontists, or oral surgeons who place or restore implants.

Demand better surgery: Although research shows that using 3D-based surgical guides is more accurate than freehand drilling, most implants are still placed freehand! If you plan to get a dental implant, ask your surgeon whether they use a CBCT-based guide. If they don’t, give them our name or contact us for a referral to one who does use guides.

Invest: Our early customers love the product, and it’s time to spread the word. We are looking for a few investors to round out our seed round so that we can market the product more broadly.

You can find more at our website, call us at 855-484-3335, or e-mail us for more information.

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