Staples introduces new “Make More Happen” tagline

Staples Inc. is swapping its “That was Easy” tagline for “Make More Happen,” the most recent attempt by the Framingham company to rebrand itself as a go-to retailer for a wide assortment of products beyond traditional office supplies.

“Staples makes it easy to make more happen by providing all the stuff businesses need to get stuff done,” said Steve Fund, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing. “Our new campaign shows that if you have an idea, Staples has all the products you need to bring it to life.”

Staples is struggling to reinvent itself as the demand for paper, ink and toner, once its core products, wane in a digital era.

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The company is in the midst of a plan to cut the size of its office superstores and reduce the number of products for sale on-site. At the same time, Staples is adding thousands of additional goods that can be purchased on its website. It is promoting multi-channel shopping with smartphone applications, kiosks in stores and other options to drive customers to the website for products that aren’t available in stores.

Staples plans to launch an advertising campaign with four television commercials around its new tagline on Monday. The company is also removing the bent staple used for the “L” in the Staples logo, replacing it with products customers might not realize the company sells, such as dog biscuits, water hose spray guns or scales used in medical settings.