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A Student's Perspective: Jordan Sawyers on Obama's election

Posted November 25, 2008 07:10 AM

I was in fourth grade and my teacher asked everyone to write down their goals and share them with the class. I remember the boy next to me, who was Hispanic, got up to share his. He talked about how he would either want to be a doctor or be president. Most of the class laughed, and one girl, who was also Hispanic, said, "But you don't look like you could be president!"

At the time, I thought she meant the boy was short or funny looking. Now I realize she meant that he wasn't white.

Seven years later, I'm standing in line to vote for the first time, and for a biracial candidate. Barack Obama not only represents change for our country, but hope for people of color— hope that anything is possible, hope that things might be getting better. For many, like the boy in my fourth grade class, it means no longer being told that you cannot achieve certain goals.

Obama has not only influenced the minority community. He has inspired a generation that four years ago did not care about politics. Now, people my age and younger have been finding any way to get involved. Walking through the halls at my high school, I can hear the excitement about Obama's win.

Obama is more than just a President. He represents change in our country. Hopefully I'll see the boy from my class in office one day.

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