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New lanes at Pike's eastbound toll plaza at Route 128

Posted October 31, 2008 04:20 PM

Drive carefully if you are venturing through the MassPike East toll plaza near Route 128. Toll lanes are being reconfigured over the weekend to improve traffic flow, according to a press release from the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Drivers can expect delays Saturday while road crews work to install new signs and stripe the roadway. The new configuration, which regular commuters will see Monday, will direct motorists paying cash to the center of the toll plaza and Fast Lane drivers mostly to the left side of the plaza, according to the release. To receive email updates on traffic changes and road restrictions, sign up for e-Traveler at www.masspike.com.

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  1. I don't understand why every lane can't accept Fast Lane. Sure, drivers will have to make sure the car in front of them has moved out of the toll booth before rolling through, but at the same time it's often difficult (if not dangerous) to move over several lanes in order to get into a dedicated Fast Lane.

    Posted by Dave October 31, 08 04:48 PM
  1. Open Road Tolling

    Welcome to the 21st Century MassPike, care to join?

    Posted by SJB October 31, 08 05:15 PM
  1. "Open Road Tolling

    Welcome to the 21st Century MassPike, care to join?"

    EXACTLY! Wake up Massachusetts. In a state known for highly educated and forward thinking people, you'd think we would have this not so new technology in full force already. Bye bye toll workers =)

    Posted by Jimmy October 31, 08 06:19 PM
  1. Why do we even need transponders? They already take a picture of your plate and mail you a letter or fine if you don't have one or the transponder doesn't read. The technology is already in place so just use it and ditch the transponders. Send us a monthly bill to the address on file with the RMV, why even need enrollment at all?

    Not to mention the fact that now WE are now responsible for paying for replacement transponders when the batteries die. So we are now paying for the "privilege" to use FastLane? Even going through the discounted booths where they exist takes 40 trips to recover the cost.

    Posted by scorp October 31, 08 07:18 PM
  1. How about adding Open Road Tolling to the 93 Tunnel. Officials keep saying the technology doesn't exist. Wake up, it's been done for years in other states and in Europe.

    Posted by Michael October 31, 08 07:34 PM
  1. Why do we need transponders? Because plates can be stolen, faked, and read incorrectly. Transponders have a unique handshake with the reader.

    Posted by Chris-B-3 October 31, 08 09:49 PM
  1. My transponder was free from New York

    Posted by bburch November 1, 08 02:50 AM
  1. Why are there transponders? There is one simple answer, and even more sugar on top for the pike. First, the simple answer, one word, pre-paid. Second, with all that pre-paid money "sitting in your fastlane account", the pike HAS to be making out well if that money is invested correctly (aka, safely). $25 for a transponder is NOTHING to save the time you wait for tolls - not only do you make that up in discounted tolls, but how about what your time is worth, plus the gas savings which over time would add up. In my opinon, you are crazy NOT to have fastlane, but if you barely ever use the pike, I guess it might not be a bother to wait when you do use it. Also, if you drive to NH at all, you are better off getting the EZPass from NH because you get more discounts if you use NH and MA tolls than fastlane gives you in only MA.

    Posted by Elifazeeka November 3, 08 04:12 PM
  1. Instead of spending money on toll lane changes, why isn't the Patrick administration doing more to encourage public transportation? I learned last week that the MBTA will no longer provide any commuter bus assistance as part of the state cutbacks and Peter Pan is now planning to cut my commuter bus service from Framingham into Boston. Since I don't live near the commuter rail (not to mention the higher parking fees and crowded trains), I will soon be driving on the pike and adding to the congestion.

    Posted by joe_s November 4, 08 11:57 AM
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