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ADL statement on Armenian genocide reassures Watertown

Posted by David Dahl, Regional Editor October 19, 2008 07:08 PM

Clyde L. Younger, the Town Council's president, said he now feels comfortable with assurances from the Anti-Defamation League's national leader, Abraham H. Foxman, that the organization recognizes the Armenian genocide.

His change of heart followed Foxman's tersely worded letter to Younger on Oct. 3, reaffirming the league's position that had been posted on its New England office's website in August. The statement read in part, "ADL has never denied the tragic and painful events perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians, and we have referred to those massacres and atrocities as genocide."

Last month, the Town Council asked Foxman to clarify the league's stance in person, after a senior official from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts had rebuffed the council's request that the company drop its support for the league's No Place for Hate program. The Blue Cross official said the insurance company was satisfied that the ADL had acknowledged the Armenian deaths in 1915-17 as genocide.

-- Christina Pazzanese

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  1. The ADL actively lobbies on behalf of Turkey to stop a resolution to recognize the Armenian genocide. Then, when you are challenged, you blurt out it was tragic and use a surplus of words to tiptoe around actually saying that it was genocide. You fire your local director. You kiss Turkish and Israeli butt. Then, you hire him back. He eventually leaves. And, when you realize that you have not appeased your critics. You point back to your most recent obtuse statement which was not an unequivocal admission, say that you never denied it and cry demonization. Abe Foxman is a two headed snake. He is a shame to the Jewry and humanity.

    Posted by Eric Neshanian October 20, 08 12:02 AM
  1. Additionally, the fact that the Boston Globe is posting that the genocide occurred between 1915-1917 proves that the ADL has only aided in obfuscated their recognition of the Armenian genocide, not clarified it. Someone needs to read the Mr. Regional Director the riot act.

    Posted by Eric Neshanian October 20, 08 12:05 AM
  1. Mr. Clyde Younger clearly does not represent the Town of Watertown if he is now comfortable that the Anti-Defamation League recognizes the Armenian genocide. The ADL contiues to play around with words. Mr. Younger should have noticed that the ADL's October letter was merely a replica of the ADL's August 2008 statement, which is a far cry from an unambiguous acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. We are all just a little tired of the ADL's games. But, Mr. Younger might recall that the entire Watertown Town Council found the ADL's August 2007 and August 2008 statement to be unacceptable.

    Posted by A concerned Watertown Citizen October 20, 08 02:17 PM
  1. Please do not use Abe Foxman as an example of a good Jew (or normal for that matter). No respectable human being (never mind a Genocide/Holocaust survivor) can live with him or herself and play both sides this way. So please don't compare the bad guy to the rest of the good guys. Our society owes the coming generations a much better lesson in hope, healing and survival. The ADL should fire Foxman, and at the least apologize to ALL U.S. citizens for lies and manipulations.

    Posted by Noah S. October 21, 08 01:42 AM
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