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Newton butcher suspends kosher supervision

Posted by David Dahl, Regional Editor September 16, 2008 09:16 AM

Newton's kosher butcher is kosher no more.

Ricardo Bosich, the owner of the Center Market and Grill, a Newton kosher butchery formerly known as Gordon & Alperin, decided last month to suspend his kosher supervision.

I cant afford the kosher supervision, said Bosich, who is actively looking for a new supervisor that is less expensive. Its a hard time for everyone right now since the economy is so bad.

A message from his former supervisor, Rabbi Aaron Hamaoui of the Sephardic Community of Greater Boston, published on Kosher Blog, explains that this was not due to a violation, but a business decision made by the proprietor.

In 2007, Bosich expanded his Commonwealth Avenue business, opening a grocery store, a catering operation, and a restaurant called the Avenue Deli, according to a 2007 Globe West story.

However, a decline in business after losing his supervision has forced Bosich to sell the bakery and he is considering selling the deli too, he said.

Despite losing his supervision, Bosich said nothing has changed in how his food is cooked or prepared.

The customers that know me for so many years, they are still shopping with me because I still do kosher, he said.

Bosich said if he is unable to find a supervisor by Rosh Hashanah, which will be observed from sunset Sept. 29 to sunset Oct. 1, he may be forced to stop selling kosher.

I do business just shaking hands, he said. I hope to keep my business kosher but business is business and I have to support my family.

Traditionally, kosher restaurants and bakeries have earned kosher certification by hiring rabbis who oversee food products that are sold in the facility. Rabbis inspect all canned and pre-packaged goods to make sure they have kosher labels, and also check the origins of meat to confirm that it was sold by a kosher meat processor. Kosher supervisors are also vigilant in making sure that dairy and meat are not mixed together.

-- Brian Benson

5 comments so far...
  1. Why do we care?

    Posted by barryfeinstein September 16, 08 12:22 PM
  1. We care because, for those of us who keep kosher, we need to buy from a supervised Kosher butcher in order to obey the Jewish dietary laws, but very few Kosher-certified butchers remain open in this area -- one is forced to go to the Butcherie in Brookline.

    Posted by AlanB September 16, 08 01:51 PM
  1. I remember so well. The BEST chopped liver--everything. Wasn,t there another owner before? Think it was my cousin??

    Come here to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico--we need a good kosher butcher, etc. and life is very easy and relaxed.!!! Please.

    I wish you luck. I don,t care for the other comment. It is disrespectful. Probably a very young, uneducated person and very sad.


    Posted by Eleanor Lewis-Shuman September 16, 08 02:03 PM
  1. Well I live in Raleigh NC now but I grew up in Newton MA. when Newton had a very strong Jewish population. (I myself was raised Catholic but my mother frequented this store) The idea that Newton no longer has a kosher butcher makes me sad. Our communities are changing so much. I'm felling very nostalgic for the old Newton. Garb drug, Moshers, Brighams, Okemo bakery,. Sigh, I'm so old!

    Posted by MrsRosencranz September 16, 08 02:43 PM
  1. The problem is the certification service is a racket...

    Posted by Micah September 16, 08 03:50 PM
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