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Lincoln-Sudbury student drinking incident prompts crackdown

Posted by David Dahl, Regional Editor September 17, 2008 08:06 PM

By Milton J. Valencia
Globe Staff

Students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School will have to bring a parent or guardian if they want to attend the school football team’s game on Friday, a tough new policy enacted in reaction to drinking among several students at last week's game.

Seven students were suspended after they were caught drunk or with alcohol on Friday, the football team’s home opener. At least two were treated by an ambulance on scene brought to a hospital by their parents. And school administrators believe many others were drinking as well, in a disregard of state law and school policy.

In some cases, school staff noticed students were inebriated. In another incident, police patrolling the school parking lot found four minors in possession of alcohol.

“Who knows what the total number was?” said John Ritchie, superintendent of the school district and principal of the high school. “There was just a sense that there was a large group of kids and they were drinking. Six of them had so much to drink they were falling down.”

Ritchie said the new requirement that a parent accompany a student will hold students accountable, while at the same time send a larger, public message that student drinking will not be tolerated. He said the requirement is for the next game until a long-term plan can be devised, and said the decision was better than alternatives that included not allowing students to attend Friday’s game at all.

He sent out two emails to parents this week regarding the incident.

"At Friday night's home opener football game, a lot of what we value and cherish at L-S came undone,'' Ritchie wrote. "Many L-S students obviously brought alcohol to the game, and many got drunk. A number of students became so intoxicated they had to be taken to the hospital. L-S staff and members of the Police Department were taxed to the limit dealing with obviously intoxicated students. Ambulances were brought in not to deal with football injuries, but to triage the results of life-threatening binge drinking of some spectators.''

"It was a bad scene,'' he continued. "Bad for those who had to deal with it, very bad for the image of the school in the community--which isn't what we need right now--and bad for the reputation of L-S students, whom we have always valued as being incredibly mature, responsible, and trustworthy.''

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  1. This is not the way to solve the problem. There will just be a LOT less people attending the games and it will hurt the team and school spirit. Is it that hard to recognize kids who are intoxicated ? I am sure that more police presence or security at the gates and in the parking lots will work much better than asking an 18 year old kid to go to the football game with his parents. That just won't happen. What has happened to comon sense in the school system these days ?

    Posted by Jimmy D September 17, 08 08:52 PM
  1. Poor Dr. Ritchie. If only the town had passed that override last year - all problems would be solved. Take heart - we'll vote on it every year until it passes.

    The solution to this problem in the longer term (Next season) is to schedule games on Saturday mornings. Not too many drunks get up early and go to games at that hour.

    The spoiled children at LS have earned this.

    Posted by Homer September 17, 08 09:24 PM
  1. Why is this the school's responsibility? What about the parents? Shouldn't parents know what their kids are up to? Shouldn't parents make it clear to their kids that drinking is not approved of and that drinking to excess, especially when they are then driving the family car, is just stupid? If anything, it suggests that parents have spoiled their children and are seeking to put the blame for their children's poor behavior on somebody else, and the school is the easiest target.

    Posted by mike September 17, 08 09:44 PM
  1. This DOCTOR Ritchie is . . . worried about the image of the school???????? Where are your priorities DOCTOR? Image???? What does this behavior mean to the psychological and physiological development of the children? I hardly think IMAGE is the most important issue.

    DOCTOR heal thyself!

    Posted by Dave September 17, 08 10:24 PM
  1. image. it's illegal and it is about time the entitled kids at LS get put in their place. though it may have only been a few students, what else are they going to do to prevent this from happening? the saturday morning games is a good idea!

    Posted by Andrew September 17, 08 10:48 PM
  1. What does this behavior mean to the children? Come on. I know plenty of business leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, politicians (oh, politicians...), cops, carpenters, and all types of other healthy & productive adults who had their share of falling-down drunk moments in high school and college and into their 20's. They finished school, often grad school, and are doing well.

    I'm not saying it's a good thing, or ideal, but the sky is simply not falling.

    Posted by Scott September 17, 08 10:52 PM
  1. Isn't Lincoln Sudbury the same school that had a murder of a fellow class mate about a year or two ago?

    Posted by jim September 17, 08 10:56 PM
  1. saturday!saturday!saturday!-state wide.

    Posted by paul September 17, 08 11:12 PM
  1. Why is it that when a subset of the LS students break a law (one that every school in the country is fighting), the entire town of Lincoln/Sudbury quickly becomes "entitled". The quote "it's illegal and it is about time the entitled kids at LS get put in their place." sounds like a bitter jealous pathetic person. We've all had our stories, we've all made bad decisions. At what point to we forget what we did and become hypocrits, like Mr Andrew. Finger pointing at a town isnt the answer. Parent spending more time with their kids is.

    Posted by mark September 17, 08 11:32 PM
  1. Good ole 'drinking-drugsbury' ...

    Posted by Alumni Blues September 17, 08 11:42 PM
  1. So instead of being drunk at the football game these kids will just get drunk elsewhere... the real problem is binge drinking and lack of knowledge of alcohol.

    Posted by AJ September 17, 08 11:48 PM
  1. I live in Sudbury and am a parent of two teenagers who attend L-S. I believe that this is a family issue and not one that we should look to the school to fix. If we are only worried about kids drinking at football games, then great, move them to Saturday mornings. If we are worried about kids drinking in general, do we really think that moving a football game to Saturday mornings will stop it? I don't. It's about parents communicating with their kids and holding them responsible for their actions. Will this prevent all kids from drinking? Probably not. But I would guess that it has more impact than a large police presence or parent chaperoning (the current plan) at a single sporting event.

    Posted by lsparent September 17, 08 11:57 PM
  1. What kind of bizarre person would read this and then criticize the superintendent for dealing with it in a mature and responsible manner??? It's the parents and children who have the problem, and the school is dealing with it appropriately.

    If the children should go off and get drunk instead, so be it - their parents can pick up their bodies at the morgue, Saturday morning.

    The school's response is appropriate.

    Well done.

    Posted by John K September 18, 08 12:10 AM
  1. Game schedules are set by by MIAA. I don't think they'll consider changing the long-standing tradition of Friday-night High School football. The best idea is to not allow students to bring bags or outside food/drink to the games. They can't get anything in, so the only drinks they'll have are before the game, and the schools will make more $ from snack bars if people can't bring in food or drink.
    Saturday morning schedules would also create issues in finding refs for the games, not to mention the overtime for custodians, policemen, etc.

    And, to answer Jim's question, yes, LS is the school that had a stabbing last year

    Posted by The Man September 18, 08 12:48 AM
  1. It sounds like a military blind punishment - few violators punish all. Certainly a secutiry/ police presence should take notice. Its the school authority to make the school events to focus on saftey and the welfare of all participants while attending the events.

    For the young drinkers, you can deter them from attending the events intoxicated with measures of awareness at the event, however the golden question is how do you educate the dangers of drinking, (not to mention underage drinking)

    These kids will just end up in the woods ,in automobiles or someone's home drinking and partying. How does society prevent this - are the adults any better, since they pretend they didn't do the same

    Posted by Johnny Rotten September 18, 08 02:57 AM
  1. maybe the parents and adminstration should also be concerned with the after football party when students scatter around the cafeteria for a "party." sex sex and more sex. this is never addressed. it turns away the students who actually want to dance and hang out with friends into a sham. shame on you parents and administration for not taking care of your children.

    Posted by lsparent September 18, 08 08:01 AM
  1. Ritchie knows he is on thin ice because of the murder. He has to overreact because to do nothing could be a career ender should something bad happen. Many have questioned the "special school culture" at LS that Ritchie had been embracing up until the time that things started to unravel.

    The Tewksbury (visiting team) couldn't believe the LS student behavior and were quoted as saying "are they always like this".

    Once again, the entire state (or eastern MA) is laughing at us (LS).

    This story was featured on Channel 4 this morning, is in the Globe, Herald, again.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be), what happens at LS no longer stays at LS.

    Ritchie, think outside the box and get a clue.

    Sudbury Citizen

    Posted by Sudbury Citizen September 18, 08 08:10 AM
  1. Parents need to take more responsibility. Alcohol use among teens is not a new phenomena. It is not the fault of the school that kids have access to alcohol. The kids did not buy their alcohol at L-S. L-S was dealing with the fallout from a much wider reaching problem.

    Dr. Ritchie is dealing with this situation in an honest, forthright, and upfront way. It's too bad that he and the L-S Faculty have to defend actions that were made to ensure the safety of the students. More parents at the games is NOT a bad thing

    Kids are very resourceful in finding access to alcohol, and alcohol is very accessible, not just in the communities of Lincoln and Sudbury.

    Posted by Mary September 18, 08 11:18 AM
  1. did anyone ask where they got the booze??
    shouldn't that person/people be up on some charges.
    Face it the drinking isn't anything anyone of us didn't do at
    that age (some still) but for that many the school really must
    have some issues!! for the kids t think it was ok and they could get
    away with it.
    ever heard of crime and punishment!!

    Posted by me September 18, 08 11:32 AM
  1. It is well-known that L-S has a drug and alcohol problem. Too many kids with too much money. Ritchie should not take 100% of the blame. It is also the parents responsibility to educate the kids. Ritchie should let the police do their work and Ritchie should implement the recommendations made by the Lincoln and Sudbury chiefs of police after the stabbing.

    Posted by concernedparent September 18, 08 11:44 AM
  1. I blame the parents.
    I won't be surprised if they busy too... with their own parties.
    Where else do you think the kids get the idea

    Wonder what is next - drugs and sex.

    Posted by Joe Somebody September 18, 08 01:13 PM
  1. If the parents were doing their job in monitoring the behavior, it would not have gotten to this point. But I doubt L-S is alone with their students drinking, whether at a game or not. More students are starting to drink earlier and have already developed their drinking ideals by the time they are at college.

    The school has a duty to respond since it happened at their football game. Remember, this is the short-term solution not long-term. They had to think of something to put into place for the immediate and will then come up with something better hopefully.

    And let's talk about the common sense of the students. Bring the alcohol into public like that, did they think they would not be held accountable or be caught? Maybe the L-S curriculum should focus on common sense.

    Posted by bdc September 18, 08 02:23 PM
  1. First of all what does the stabbing have to do with drinking. why do people have to bring that up and second what does being "rich snobs" have to do with drinking. I think that this is all just ridiculous and if this were to happen at some other school it would not be handle this way and would not make it in the news. i do not blame dr. ritchie but i think that it is just that the news is giving us such a bad reputation after all weve been through. kids are going to learn from there mistakes. The punishment for future games should be to not bring bags or food and drinks into the game. Especially after the past friday LS students are going to know better for next time. Parents should definitely talk to their children and be more aware but it just makes me mad how this is all over the news and things like this happen everwhere over the country but because of past issues with LS it just had to be handled more seriously because dr. ritchie feels it does? i dont understand. LS does not need other people from out of the town telling them what to do. Everyone can agree that the students who were drunk or had alcohol were wrong and deserved to be punished but not punished by being put all over the news.

    Posted by Fred September 18, 08 02:58 PM
  1. "maybe the L-S curriculum should focus on common sense"

    Exactly and therein is the problem. "Common sense" is contrary to the LSRHS "culture". This "special kind of place" begets a "culture" which cannot nor will not tolerate "common sense" as a core value.

    This is what we (some of us) have been trying to tell Ritchie for years. John feels that his Committee, particularly memberEric Harris (a self-proclaimed "lame duck") want him to continue to support the "school culture" and yet in observing the LSRHS Committee, I'm not convinced that this is the case. Harris is but one vote. One vote (out of 5) does not constitute a majority.

    Classic "Catch 22". Someone has to remove the "bricks in the wall" which at his point is John's stubborn clinging to the "culture club".

    Posted by Sudbury Citizen September 18, 08 03:08 PM
  1. Ohh noo!! HS students drinking at a football game, how dare they???? um, people, try to take a trip in the way back machine and remember HS. I'm sure you drank then, just as you do now.

    Posted by Steveo September 18, 08 03:24 PM
  1. there is no reason for anyone here to bring up the stabbing that occured last year. that has absolutely no correlation with what happened last friday. i'm sure, and i know for a clear fact that if you were to go to any other high school in this year, you will easily find several drunk students at football games. No one should be bashing Dr. Ritchie. He is an incredible guy and is doing everything he can. all teens have drinking problems, this incident just got involved with the press. it has nothing to do with the parents or the fact that the town is wealthy. its just common sense to know that all teenagers will experiment with alcohol.

    and all of LS will still attend games. LS students will still hold the same spirit that we have always had. we will all go with our parents and our team will continue to win and show that LS can truly get out of any rut they fall into. We are a strong community.

    Posted by ls-student September 18, 08 03:37 PM
  1. I'm not rich, I'm not spoiled. I'm definitely not ENTITLED. I'm the same kid as everyone else. My parents work nine hour shifts at their jobs so my siblings and I can live here. My brother's on their football team, he says the entire school is angry with those kids. What the hell is wrong with you people, you think just because we have money we all automatically have to be stoners or burn-outs or alcoholics, when the reality is most of us aren't. And FYI we all don't have money in this town, half of us are flat broke just pulling ends together on colleges and schools.

    Posted by Natalie September 18, 08 03:45 PM
  1. This is an issue of irresponsible parents and Dr Ritchie is doing his best to keep the games from going on, without having to cancel them while dealing with the families in town.
    I believe that in many of these cases, the parents are aware that their kids drink and are not taking the proper action to stop this from happening.
    The police should be making an example of these 7 families and holding the parents responsible for their families behaviour.

    Posted by sbj September 18, 08 03:49 PM
  1. I go to LS and I have to say by reading your comments I sure do act much more mature than you. I was at the game and I wasn't drinking and I hate the fact that you all are saying we are entitled brats. Yes, it's true we are all wealthy, but not all of us are the spoiled brats you make us out to be. My parents actually parented my me and my brother, and I don't think we should be judged just because seven juniors made the wrong decision to get drunk. Maybe all of you should quit bashing my school, which is probably much nicer than any school your children go to and is quite possibly one of the best public schools in the country, and go parent your own children.

    Posted by Sophmore September 18, 08 03:52 PM
  1. hey anyone ever thought that kids get stressed, and if anyone hadn't noticed a LARGE percentage of kids at LS go to wonderful schools, do wonderful things for the community and care about the people around them despite this occasional NORMAL drinking. There is no connection between the way dr. ritchie runs the school and the fact that GO FIRGURE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS DRINK ALCOHOL. We call that human nature. Kids get stressed like all other humans and some people need to blow of some steam, and yes some people don't do this properly, but since when do all people in this world know how to handle themselves properly. The kids that are getting caught obviously have bigger issues, so how about we realize that this is about the individual child, and there deeper issues, and not some perfectly happy kid getting put in an ambulence.

    Posted by noonetoblame? September 18, 08 04:24 PM
  1. I go to LS and for you to say that we're all spoiled is absolutely ridiculous. The people that got drunk at the game made a horrible decision and mistake, but LS as a whole should not be put into that same group. And whatsoever, DO NOT blame Dr. Ritchie. He has been through so much in the past couple of years, so for you to say it is all his fault is utterly disrespectful.

    Posted by jake September 18, 08 05:02 PM
  1. Parents and students alone should share the burden of responsibilty, not the school or local authorities...it's high time our society takes ownership for poor decisions and STOP passing the buck!

    Posted by Dawn H September 18, 08 05:08 PM
  1. I would like to say as a proud LS student that John Ritchie is an incredible man. Its not his fault... If you are a kid, you know that kids dont always listen to there parents. If you are a parent or an adult that has payed attention, you would also realize the same thing. Because some kids made a bad choice it gives anyone a bad rap. As for his descision, it is a very good one. The football team needs its support and the LS community on which we pride ourselves need to stay strong and together under such times of scrutiny. Say what you want... but unless you are oblivious and ignorant you will relaize that drinking is a universal problem in highschool. No one has found a sucessfull solution. Were trying our best. Kids make stupid descions, and were not bad kids. you should all be ashamed of your self for stereotyping the whole school, and assuming that it is only lincoln sudbury kids. This should be a lesson for all schools in the surronding areas, not an LS bashing session.

    Posted by A proud LS student September 18, 08 05:45 PM
  1. Some of these comments are sickening.
    I am a student at LS and it is one of the most incredible schools I have ever been to. The culture is an open one that requires students to take responsibility for their actions and get a quality education in a comfortable setting. Every single rule is in place for a reason.
    The general reaction is that LS is the only high school that has issues as a result of drugs and alcohol. Anyone with the slightest amount of common sense knows this is as far from the truth as possible. Pointing the finger at a single community is irrational and immature.

    Posted by Phishr September 18, 08 06:07 PM
  1. I am an LS student and the schools reaction to the drinking situation will not solve anything. Making parents bring their kids to the game will just diminish the amount of people who show up to cheer for the football team an
    d have fun, and it is not like this has never happened before. Kids have been drinking at football games for decades and not only at LS so do not think your kids are perfect. If kids can not drink at school football games they will find somewhere else and no one can do anything about that, you just have to trust they make the right decisions. Also, LS is a great school, which allows the students to express themselves in a safe environment and have fun, all of which Dr. Ritchie helps run. I believe Dr. Ritchie made a mistake on the decision for this weeks football game, however neither myself or anyone else I have talked to at LS, students and teachers, could think of a perfect plan and I doubt any of you could. Also, why don't people forget about all the Sudbury stereotypes because they are not true and have no affect on kids drinking.

    Posted by BJL September 18, 08 06:54 PM
  1. That was a bold generalization Homer. It is very unreasonable to associate an entire school with students who drink, and are spoiled. I think the way the school administration handled this incident was terrible. As stated below me, the turnout at the football game this Friday might be the lowest in school history. Being a student at LS, i understand that Dr. Ritchie was intending to teach us "drunks" a lesson. Instead, he is creating a gap between the school's athletics and student body support and spirit. Honestly, I think the kids involved learned their lesson after having tubes inserted through their mouths, and getting their stomach's pumped. In addition, a number of kids were suspended. Is this not enough????

    Posted by An LS Student September 18, 08 07:03 PM
  1. Dr. Richie I believe is an ok Superintendent. Unfortunately what happened on Friday night was dangerous and could have turned into a worse problem had police not stopped these kids from say.. getting in a car intoxicated. The kids who were apart of the drinking scene- and got suspended already probably have learned there lesson. Think about it... they got suspended which goes on their permanant record for colleges, they embarressed themselves infront of everyone at the game, the entire town was talking about it, parents lost respect for them, their teachers lost respect for them, they were lectured by their parents , the entire school knows AND on top of it now the NEWS is getting involved talking about these kids. What they did was very stupid however their actions do not need this much publicity. Weve all made stupid mistakes. We need to move on from them...This entire situation is being blown WAY out of proportion to the point where people are laughing at Dr. Richie. I understand that he cares about the students but he is making a fool out of the school by asking parents to watch there kids at a football game. Dr. Richie focuses so much on the appearance of LS however the "appearance of LS" sucks right now because he does not know how to deal with any situation. Football games will not be changed to Saturday mornings- it just wont happen MIAA wont allow it- Dr. Richie said in an email that hopefully Friday night football games can turn into "family fun nights" - I hope that is a joke - ITS A HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME- Dr. Richie has irritated many parents at LS he has disturbed the peace, caused gossip he is the one causing the headlines...hes so worried about the rep of the school- Maybe he shouldnt over dramatize everything. Ls is a great school with great kids - friday night football games and the schools spirit is completely ruined. GREAT JOB

    Posted by parents of ls student September 18, 08 07:23 PM
  1. I cannot believe how immature people are being, saying that we are all wealthy ,spoiled brats , aren't responslible and that we belong to the only school at which students consume alcohol. The only reason why we are being crucified is because a stabbing occured two years ago at our school that most people who make false assumptions dont even know the whole story. Most teenagers drink, and a good amount of those same kids go to friday night football games. There were just a few who got caught. And you must have your head up your ass if you truly think that kids dont drink at your school.

    Posted by ls student September 18, 08 07:54 PM
  1. As a junior at LS i am not at all pleased with the situation we're in. Our school has always been cast into the media spot light because of negative actions taken by students. I think it is important to remember that these actions were only taken by SOME students, and their actions shouldn't reflect every other student in the entire school, the fact that we have to bring our parents to the game doesn't encourage "family bonding" like Dr. Ritchie said, it honestly makes everyone feel like they're in 5th grade again. I believe that there obviously has to be a consequence for the students actions but the students who screwed up should be the ones dealing with the consequences not the rest of the school. In fact I'm embarrassed to even go to LS at this point, because everyone now thinks a bunch of we'rewe'school of a drunks

    Posted by Katie H September 18, 08 07:58 PM
  1. I emailed John Ritchie with this thought.
    I am volunteering to chaperon any student who need a chaperon Friday night. I know many of the students and the coaches and teachers. I promised John that I would be responsible for each kid that I chaperoned. I would not leave early or not keep an eye out during the game on my group. My kid is on the team so I don't have to watch him.
    John thanked me and said this is the kind of spirit we need to get by and move on and he said that this plan would be acceptable..

    So if there is any student that needs a chaperon Friday night, ask John Ritchie tomorrow and he will give you my name and I will meet you at the gate.

    Posted by Football Fan September 18, 08 08:02 PM
  1. I go to LS and I think it's unfair to group all the kids together. Not all of the kids who went to the game were drinkning. And to even mention the stabbing, as if it has any relevence to the incident last Friday. Dr.Richie shouldn't recieve any blame, he's handeled the situation perfectly... by getting the parents involved. Sure the kids will get drunk elsewhere, but his job is to provide a safe enviorment for the other kids. He's not an idiot, he knows that they'll drink elsewhere. As for the idea that we only do this because we're spoiled; the same problems occur at every other high school just their administrations don't make their crackdowns as public. No one here is sweeping this under the rug, were going to announce it and show that we're doing something about it.

    Posted by LS student September 18, 08 08:04 PM
  1. I go to LS and I think it's unfair to group all the kids together. Not all of the kids who went to the game were drinkning. And to even mention the stabbing, as if it has any relevence to the incident last Friday. Dr.Richie shouldn't recieve any blame, he's handeled the situation perfectly... by getting the parents involved. Sure the kids will get drunk elsewhere, but his job is to provide a safe enviorment for the other kids. He's not an idiot, he knows that they'll drink elsewhere. As for the idea that we only do this because we're spoiled; the same problems occur at every other high school just their administrations don't make their crackdowns as public. No one here is sweeping this under the rug, were going to announce it and show that we're doing something about it.

    Posted by LS student September 18, 08 08:05 PM
  1. There are many gross generalizations about the culture of Lincoln Sudbury written here. Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School is not a breeding ground for future alcoholics, nor does it harbor a chaotic climate, free of discipline or guidelines. The majority of Lincoln-Sudbury students are responsible college bound teenagers who appreciate L-S for its fairness and appropriate amount of freedom. Teen drinking is not a problem found only in Lincoln and Sudbury, it is an issue that plagues many communities across the country, whether they're considered poor, rich, large, or small towns. Dr. Ritchie is well liked and respected by everyone who enters the school; you can't say that about too many high school superintendents. He took appropriate action and sent a message loud and clear.

    Posted by MP September 18, 08 08:07 PM
  1. I am also an LS student and I have been around other places and I can see why people can view LS kids as snobs, but not everyone in the LS community is like that. Yeah, a lot of kids are exposed to a lot of wealth, but in this case it was only a few indiviuals who made LS the ass of a joke, and sadly its people like them that give LS a bad name. ALSO, if an eighteen year old kid can enlist in the army why do they have to go with a parent to a football game, I mean they legally are adults, and to be treated this way is absurd. I know Dr. Ritchie is trying his best and have all the respect in the world for him but he's not looking at the big picture, and as nice of a guy he is sometimes you gotta light a fire underneath him to realize what's going on.

    Posted by ls10 September 18, 08 08:12 PM
  1. to all you parents and outsiders-
    LS is an amazing place.
    Dr. Ritchie is an amazing man.
    he has done one hell of a job with the stabbing and the drinking issue. Although going to the game tomorrow with Mom and Pop will be weird, but I am an LS SUPERFAN. no silly measure of security will detain my devout fan-hood!
    warriors all the way! every single one of you should be ashamed for bad mouthing LS. You've never been there and if you have it has changed ALOT since you were there. Let it be known that underage drinking happens EVERYWHERE. not just at LS. for you people with kids in college, they're probably getting smashed right now! its thirsty thursday, the night of pre-weekend parties. I have friends at almost all of the DCL schools, and all of them drink. You parents need to open your eyes and realize!

    Posted by LS_STUDENT09 September 18, 08 08:45 PM
  1. All you saying that students at LS are spoiled have another thing coming to you. The actions of a few shouldn't influence the name of a great school. Our students are some of the most active individuals in our community and we do our best to uphold LS's good name. Yeah, kids showed up wasted. Mistakes happen, this was a huge one. Being a football player I'm angry that our fans would do this and now we will have very little support tomorrow. Yet, these few kids should not suddenly ruin the rep of LS. I disagree with John Ritchies decision, however he must be under a lot of pressure right now, so i can understand. I am just sad no one will be at the game tomorrow.

    Posted by Adam Schellenberg September 18, 08 08:46 PM
  1. for those who don't know Dr. Ritchie's its not their place to blame him or the school. this is a school which simply got caught for getting mixed up in the typical peer pressure of teenagers. i wouldn't be surprised if half of these people commenting did the same thing. for those who defended Dr. Ritchie and the school i commend you, I think it is easy for kids to find fault, the hard part is proving, and that is what these kids have to learn, and they will through the guidance of the LS community. Being wealthy and the school stabbing has nothing to do with the situation. Who elected you people to be the savior of everyones souls in Sudbury? Go sit in judgement of yourselves before you attack someone else trying to do his job.

    Posted by anonymous September 18, 08 09:01 PM
  1. I can't believe people would say these things about LS...sick.

    Posted by Adam Schellenberg September 18, 08 09:03 PM
  1. I am heartened to see that the likes of "Homer" and others who choose to bash the school are actually in the minority. Significant minority. . . . It's clear that you just don't like Dr. Ritchie or the school. No matter what the school administration did or did not do in response to this, you would attack them anyway because you just don't like them. You just sound like you hate people and love to bash them. Good for the students and parents for sticking up for their school, whether or not they agree with the administration's decision, it's far more civilized to go that route than it is to attack an entire community for actually admitting that all is not perfect.

    Posted by an LS teacher September 18, 08 10:39 PM
  1. speaking as a student at LS during this time, i feel i need to say something to all of you who 'think we deserve this' and that 'its our parents faults.' it has nothing to do with being us thinking we are entitled or with our parents not 'parenting' us or our school in anyway actually. it has to do with a group of teenagers, who made an unwise, unthoughtful and not well thought through decision, thats all. teenagers every where make mistakes. i promise you, your high school has a number of students who have done the same thing, just havent gotten caught. and i know the students who took part in this, feel horrible for not considering the consequences of their actions. the LS students are ready to take responsibility tomorrow night and our incredible parents are eager and excited to help.
    if you actually feel its our parents fault, then your just wrong. they've told us not to drink before, as has our school and as i assume you and the school in your area have told your children.. They care about us just as much as anyone else cares for their children, i mean, do you think they would keep secrets about safety- yea, not so much- but as someone previously said, we dont always listen- it's not like any parent handed those students the booze. so back off on the parents.

    and those of you who feel we deserve this: do you really think anybody who wears uggs or whatever, deserves alcohol poisoning, embarrassment, or punishment for the financial situation they dont even have control over.

    and lets just reflect: even with our students 'being so irresponsible, spoiled, unparented, alcoholic druggies,' as many of you choose to believe, we're still among the top five best public schools in the state, in fact, theres only a single school ahead of us on the list..... so good try, but youll have try again to find something to blame our school and Dr. Ritchie for, because, it doesnt appear that he has steered us in any wrong directions.

    oh and while you guys are busy bashing our school, your children could be stealing your booze.... damn, what awful parenting.

    Posted by frustrated student September 18, 08 11:04 PM
  1. HELLO PARENTS…It’s not the school’s responsibility to keep your kids from drinking after school…IT’S YOURS!

    Posted by Tom Kennedy September 18, 08 11:35 PM
  1. Had the school ignored the spectacle, there may have been no news story at all as this does go on in other communities and isn't all that new or newsworthy. The real news is that the school went public quickly with something that could have just as easily been ignored as "kids being kids." Bravo to Dr. Ritchie and the school's administrators for being open and public about the things that aren't great about some of its students. That is the real story.

    Whether or not people agree with the school administration's decision, the blog comments are reasonable and civil, for the most part. Those few like "Homer", "Dave" or "Jim" who choose instead to reveal their contempt for the school
    community, its students, or John Ritchie reveal themselves as what they are, anonymous cowards who seem to just hate everyone or anything LS. It is clear that you have an axe to grind. Please explain why the fact that the school suffered through a murder has anything to do with it's latest reaction to illegal drinking and the public embarrasment brought on by some of the students. Best to ignore them, they are worse than the "children" who they seem to hate.

    Posted by teacher from a nearby school, Sudbury parent September 19, 08 06:10 AM
  1. If kids have to go with their parents then they wont go and just get drunk somewhere else. Dr. Ritchie is just making it so that he doesnt have to deal with the drunk and would rather have them drink off school property because if they drink off school property then it isnt his problem. He isnt looking out for the well-being of the students just himself. Actually he looks out for the students but once they leave the school they are teens and are no longer students.

    Posted by L-S student September 19, 08 09:35 AM
  1. Lincoln-Sudbury students always seem to be doing something moronic/obnoxious. They chant LSD at their sporting events instead of DEFENSE which is clearly their immature way of getting to chant a drug reference. Considering how the priviledged and entitled parents and administrators allow their spoiled little brats to get away with this behavior, it's no wonder that they're turning it up a notch with the booze. Stop feeding into the LS culture that makes these kids think they're better than everyone else, and maybe, they'll learn how to show a little respect and class.

    Posted by Bob DCL September 19, 08 10:03 AM
  1. As a previous student of Lincoln Sudbury I am insulted to read some on the comments left by people. We are kids, we make mistakes and we have to learn from them. SO that is exactly what we are going to do. Treat us with some respect and instead of calling us "spoiled brats" try to be reasonable and see it from our side. Not everyone was drunk and not everyone was out of control. Some kids made this mistake and now they have to deal with the consequences which is hard enough without people like 'Homer' saying things like that. The Lincoln-Sudbury community is strong and will deal with this problem with great class just like always. Dr. Ritchie is one of the most respected man at the school and I am proud to know him. Do you honestly think that kids at other schools are drinking? wake up, its everywhere so stop acting like this is a one time thing. The community is going to pick eachother up and show our support tonight at the game, I suggest coming to watch if you doubt us. Thank you for keeping the negative comments out of our school and our minds.

    Posted by Max Haines September 19, 08 10:06 AM
  1. I went to a nearby school in the 60's and played against L-S in several sports. When did it become news that L-S kids drink and use drugs? They were legendary back then... why is it news now?

    Posted by GardenKeeper September 19, 08 10:12 AM
  1. well hey now !!!

    Come on folks, loosen up.

    If you're a high school kid what's a Friday night in suburbia without a few beers, maybe smoking a joint, and making out with the girlfriend under the bleachers.

    I did it, you did it, we all did it back in the 60's, 70's when we were in high school. And every year there were a few unfortunate accidents, a few arrests, a few cheerleaders who got pregnant. Life went on and does go on.

    If the kids were caught use the same disciplinary rules we were subject to: get caught, get 3 days suspended; over and done with. No bring your parent to a footbal game, no "responsible adult" nonsense.

    The Globe has helped take a simple case of teenage tomfoolery and turn it into a storm.

    Posted by joe v September 19, 08 11:17 AM
  1. I am glad to see LS students defending the school. As a graduate of LS & current Sudbury citizen...the comments by "Sudbury Citizen" are frustrating: "'Common sense' is contrary to the LSRHS 'culture'. This 'special kind of place' begets a culture which cannot nor will not tolerate 'common sense' as a 'core value'"?

    I don't know why being a unique school means they do not tolerate common sense, it seems the opposite is true. The LS culture encourages students to develop & use common sense; they have trust in their students to do so. In this particular situation a group of students did not demonstrate this common sense and Dr. Ritchie is taking this betrayal of trust seriously. Shouldn’t he be commended for doing so?

    The culture of LS has ZERO to do with this incident, this type of occurrence is prevalent in high schools everywhere. Maybe the students and the LS administration are not to blame, maybe those select Sudbury parents who think they know what is best for everyone else’s children should take responsibility for their own and stop pointing fingers and placing blame at every possible opportunity.

    I am very proud to have attended LS. A high school is responsible for providing an education, and I was fortunate to attend one that went far above and beyond that responsibility. LS is a school that taught me to use my “common sense”, manage my time appropriately, and hold myself accountable for my own actions. Unfortunately, some parents refuse to hold their own children responsible for their actions, and a wonderful superintendent who actually cares about all of his students is condemned.

    Posted by LS Alumna September 19, 08 12:19 PM
  1. Premises A and B
    A - It is known is that some Sudbury parents do not hold their children accountable.
    B - Also known is that the LS culture encourages students to use common sense.
    C - Students will use common sense because A is TRUE and B is TRUE, C must follow.

    Wrong. Premise A and Premise B are mutually exclusive events. C does not logically follow because "encouragement" in A does not "ensure" in C.

    Sorry "LS Alumna" that answer is incorrect.


    Posted by Aristole September 19, 08 01:23 PM
  1. Aristole,

    I think you misintepreted my response (correct me if I am wrong). I agree with you that they are mutually exclusive. But I don't see where your equation came from. My response was not an "answer" (I don't see this situation as having a straightforward answer per say).

    I did not state that parents not holding their children accountable (A) + LS encouraging common sense (B) = students actually USING common sense (C).

    Students often do not use their common sense, as is the case in this situation...I was saying that the LS culture does NOT discourage them from using their common sense, as had been suggested in a previous post. My point about parents holding their own children accountable was for those parents (not all parents by any means) who are quick to point fingers at the LS administration for situations that are out of the school's control.

    Posted by LS Alumna September 19, 08 02:31 PM
  1. OK, try this one then. Double up on your bet.

    Premise A, B, C, and D
    A - LSRHS students are encouraged to do certain things by the code.
    B - Some LSRHS students make good decisions and follow the code and exercise common sense.
    C - Not all students make good decisions or use common sense.
    D - The Administration knows that not all students, while encouraged, will make good decisions and use common sense on Friday night.

    E- Therefore the Administration ensures that on Friday night, a proper presence is in place to monitor the subset of students who do not use common sense (Premise D).

    E was false because D was false and E is a dependent event to D.


    Posted by Aristole September 19, 08 03:16 PM
  1. While this certainly is a hot topic, many people are forgetting that this is a school with over 1,600 students attending. A very small percentage of these students were involved. I am a student at L-S and I it is simply a wonderful place to be. Keep in mind what you are implying when you say "students", as the entire school cannot be represented by a select group of people who made poor decisions. Almost all schools have students that drink, that fact is undeniable. It is truly sad that this great school is being called "spoiled" when many of the students did nothing to warrant such harsh words. I, as a student, have no control over where I choose to live, and the wealth of the towns is not related to this issue. Dr. Ritchie made a drastic move, which is far more than other towns who have similar problems would do.

    Posted by Sophomore 2 September 19, 08 03:40 PM
  1. LS is a phenomenal community. I attended two schools throughout my high school experience and am proud to say that LS was by far my favorite. The school is a welcoming and diverse community. Sudbury Citizen- I cannot believe you are questioning whether or not common sense is being emphasized in the school. What school have you ever been to that has one of its values as "use common sense".... its common sense that you should use common sense. Also to the parents of students from surrounding towns criticizing LS...find something better to do. This is not your town, nor is it your child's school, if you have never been enrolled or employed at Lincoln-Sudbury, it is not your place to criticize it. To the parents who strongly dislike Dr. Ritchie and the moral values at LS, get over it. He's a great superintendent and I believe an overwhelming majority of students and faculty at LS would agree with that. The Students opinions are the ones that matter most and the students believe that he's doing a great job handling all that's been put on his plate.

    Posted by LS Grad September 19, 08 04:29 PM
  1. LS is dealing with this problem togther and will learn from this and come back stronger like we always do, parents, news crews, and people outside the LS community you have no right to judge anyone just because 7 people out of 1700 students messed up once. Some adults expecially I belive are acting very immature as has been said by everyother student that has posted. There is no need to attack or blame, thats something that students are taught not to do and clearly don't. We all deserve respect as does our administration, noone knows how it has felt to be doctor Richie for the past two years, and LS firmly supports him in the lesson hes teaching even though some see it as a "punishment". Also this is to the media, please leave LS alone we shouldn't be even in the news this is a school problem, look everywhere else and you will find atleast 7 kids drinking at a football game i gaurentee that.

    Posted by LS student September 19, 08 05:39 PM
  1. I am a senior at another school in the DCL. Similar incidents have occurred at my school many times over the past five or ten years, whether it be at basketball or football games (although they have never been blown so far out of proportion). We don't have any home Friday games because of this and this has seemed to settle the problem. Just play your games on Saturday at noon. Also, it is ridiculous to generalize a whole school or their parents. I would be a hypocrite if I said I have not drank alcohol. I'd say over 50% of high school students (not including freshmen) drink or smoke marijuana every weekend; that number is only going to rise if the drinking age is lowered to 18. I have friends at L-S, and yeah, they drink, but I have friends at a lot of other schools and most of them do to. People need to turn on their brains and see that this isn't just happening at L-S, but also at virtually every other highschool in the country. If this type of thing happened at a Friday night game in Texas or Ohio or California, NO ONE would care. The only people to blame for this are the media and citizens of the town that are criticizing everyone and causing such a commotion. These seven kids were drunk last Friday night, along with about 10 million more across the U.S.

    Posted by Student at another DCL school September 19, 08 06:32 PM
  1. The decision by Dr. Ritchie was a valid one and proved to be a good one. Tonights attendance was higher then last weeks by a lot (not including parents) and there was more of a positive energy and vibe. The students were loud, we united as a school and a town and we proved the media wrong. Once again the media blows something out of proportion and the L.S. community steps up and comes to the rescue to back up our great principal and staff.

    LS 09'

    Posted by Jason S. September 19, 08 10:29 PM
  1. LS is better than everyone else. Hate on me for my proper grammar or good SAT scores, but I will end up making more money than you. Pretend that you will have a happier life than me when you make less money. Truth is, i don't care how much you liberal poor folk hate on me, i am more privileged than you for a reason. I am better.

    Posted by cheesy September 20, 08 02:51 AM
  1. Perfectly stated LS Alumna
    "The culture of LS has ZERO to do with this incident, this type of occurrence is prevalent in high schools everywhere. Maybe the students and the LS administration are not to blame, maybe those select Sudbury parents who think they know what is best for everyone else’s children should take responsibility for their own and stop pointing fingers and placing blame at every possible opportunity. "

    LS students don't want their superintendent blamed for every issue as you can see from reading their comments! So why does he always get the finger pointed at him? They also don't want to be grouped as ONE. Sudbury's residents are NOT all wealthy and entitled. Many have serious struggles. Parents need to raise their own children and stop placing the blame on everyone else! Do you know where your kids are when they are out at night? Do you see them when they get home or are you sleeping so you aren't aware that some nights they can barely walk?

    Posted by parent of past LS students September 20, 08 10:21 AM
  1. Im a student at LS and think all this media coverage is ridiculous. Every school makes mistakes, but yet its not plastered all over the news and radio stations. 98% of students go to 4 year universitys at our school, making it one of the best so we are very well educated people, who of course MAKE MISTAKES. i know for a fact the several kids that were caught are extremely embarassed by there actions. This should not reflect upon dr. ritchie, it should reflect on those kids parents or lack their of. you couldnt teach your kid some respect and maybe some common sense for themselves and the communities? The culture at LS is impossible to find anywhere else because of Dr. Ritchie, he makes us want to come to school, and enjoy it. How many high schools do you find that at? Most students at LS stand behind him 100% and it would cause a total uproar if this special culture we have and love is taken away.

    Posted by proud student September 20, 08 02:17 PM
  1. Bob DCL, you sound jealous!
    I bet you didn't have any friends in high school. Too bad!
    Stop hating on LS because we have better opportunities than most. It is not our (the students) faults that our parents work hard at their jobs and make a lot of money so we can live in such a great town and good to such a great school. Its not our fault our ACT and SAT scores are always so high.
    and LS D is not a drug reference, that is clearly an attempt to make LS seem like a bad place. The proper interpretation of the chant is LS D(efence) So stop looking for problems and whine somewhere else about your sad days in high school. Becuase frankly your whining is stinking up the comment feed.
    LS '09 (fo life)

    Posted by LS_STUDENT09 September 20, 08 03:50 PM
  1. Friday's game revealed two things:
    1. Ritchie's decision was 100% effective in preventing alcohol consumption before or during the game

    2. LS students were faced with an opportunity to be defensive and spiteful towards the administration, but instead responded with a positive attitude and rallied to support their team. Students sent text messages and emails to encourage attending the game, and as a result the stands were packed. Most importantly, the fans were there for one reason which was to cheer on the team. As a teacher at the school, I tip my hat to you students who created a wonderful atmosphere at the game. People will always dig deep to criticize a place that has proven to be successful. Take it as a compliment.

    Posted by LSTeach03 September 22, 08 02:05 PM
  1. The kids who were drinking are the kids who stand in the woods of school property and smoke. I see them every morning and they are in general messed up kids. I would blame these few kids and their parents not the whole LS comunity.

    Posted by L.S. Student September 22, 08 02:17 PM
  1. my comment is in respone to number seventy two, seriously just because people drink or smoke doesnt make them or their parents bad people. yeah it was pretty stupid to get plastered at the football game but they were younger kids who didnt know better. also its lincoln sudbury, its a lot more common than you think and the war on drugs will never be beaten so you can just shelter your kids all you want but if you live in sudbury your kids will drink and do drugs. thats a fact.

    Posted by chadbrochill17 October 20, 08 04:29 PM
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