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Hopkinton town manager stopped by his own police department

Posted by David Dahl, Regional Editor September 23, 2008 04:09 PM

Hopkinton Town Manager Anthony Troiano was cited by Hopkinton police for driving with a revoked license Monday, just days after being found guilty for his role in a fatal car accident.

On September 17, Troiano was found guilty of motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation, stemming from a car accident in Bourne on May 15, 2007 that resulted in the death of 69-year-old Lilija Berents of East Falmouth. Troiano was driving to his home in East Sandwich after a Board of Selectmen's meeting and hit the woman’s car head-on while passing another vehicle.

Troiano was sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation, and his license was revoked for 15 years. Brian J. Herr, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, announced on Friday that Troiano had been placed on paid administrative leave, and selectmen are expected to discuss Troiano’s status at a close-door session tonight.

Hopkinton Police chief Thomas Irvin said Troiano was stopped Monday at about 2 pm.

"The officer believed Mr. Troiano’s license to operate motor vehicles was suspended or revoked,'' the chief said, reading a press release. "The officer checked the status of Mr. Troiano’s license through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles database. The check revealed Mr. Troianos’s license was revoked effective September 19, 2008.''

"Mr. Troiano arranged to have his vehicle towed and for his own transportation from the scene,'' the release said.

-- Calvin Hennick

12 comments so far...
  1. Just because he is an authority does not mean he should get away with this matter.

    Posted by lilly September 23, 08 05:00 PM
  1. But they didn't arrest him. Way to go HPD! Now get back to your hiding spot behind the new EMC building and get back to your nap.

    Posted by mike_k September 23, 08 05:11 PM
  1. Classic ! When is the town going to fire this guy? He kills someone and continues driving... he should have been put in jail , maybe only then would he have learned his lesson. I think it is imperative that the selectman fire him - because doesn't the town manager make the final decision as to what these officers will be getting for a raise each year.....
    Lastly - Bravo to the officer who stopped him , although I believe the police dept should have towed the vehicle themselves as he was a common citizen.
    Job well done !

    Posted by tricia dellicicchi September 23, 08 05:25 PM
  1. Wow, big important meeting for the same board of selectmen that voted a 12% raise for "Tony" a few months ago, even though he worked less than 6 months last year because of his incident. Way to go Hopkinton Town government!

    We can count on you to have the best interest of the residents at heart. You cut teachers from the schools this year and gave Tony a huge raise.

    Posted by Jay September 23, 08 05:26 PM
  1. hey Mike,

    People are not arrested for driving without a license. They are issued a summons and the vehicle is towed. If you don't know what your talking about it is best to keep your mouth shut...

    Posted by tom September 23, 08 06:17 PM
  1. hey Tom,

    It is an arrestable offense.. and the officer can either arrest or issue a summons.. Maybe mike does know what he is talking about. and well.. you can figure out the rest.. ;)

    Posted by Rob September 23, 08 07:16 PM
  1. Tom,

    You are dead wrong. People are arrested for driving with a suspended/revoked license all the time.

    The sheer arrogance of this man is astounding. His license gets suspended for 15 years and he wastes no time getting right back on the road. And he was placed on administrative leave, so what is he doing in Hopkinton after telling the courts he doesn't really drive himself anymore and his wife does most of the driving?? That's a long way from E. Sandwich.

    I hope the selectmen take a long, hard look at the caliber person they've selected to run their town.

    Posted by Matt_T September 23, 08 07:48 PM
  1. Does anyone know why accidents are called accidents??? Because no one plans on them happening! Just take a minute before you use your freedom of speech to think about his loved ones and those of the victim. Allow them all to heal! God for bid it is you or your loved one involved in an accident!!

    Posted by Kate September 23, 08 08:20 PM
  1. Kate, wake up!

    forbid is one word...

    Posted by bl September 23, 08 09:43 PM
  1. Trust me.. you are most assuredly arrested if you are driving with a suspended license. Been there, done that. I had a non-renewable expired license.. meaning that it was suspended. I was pulled over for turning right on red (the sign was missing, more than that in a second) and my license was run it came back as suspended. I was arrested immediatly and spent 4 hours on a sunday morning in D-4 lockup.

    2 trips to court armed with evidence of a missing sign plus payment on outstanding fast lane violations (the reason it was suspended in teh first place) and everything was back to normal.

    Posted by Tim September 23, 08 10:58 PM
  1. Kate . . . Accidents just don't happen, they happen because of negligence. Hitting another driver head on is absolutely negligent.

    Posted by mike jones September 24, 08 12:09 AM
  1. Does anyone know why accidents are called accidents??? Because no one plans on them happening! Just take a minute before you use your freedom of speech to think about his loved ones and those of the victim. Allow them all to heal! God for bid it is you or your loved one involved in an accident!!
    Hey Kate,
    How long will it be befor the woman that he killed has a chance to heal?
    What only a 10,000 dollar raise. ande full pay while he was out for 4 months

    Posted by Hopkintonian October 1, 08 12:21 PM
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