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Downtown Westborough's stall and crawl predictions prove untrue

Posted by Ralph Ranalli July 28, 2008 06:51 AM

The recently-completed first phase of Westborough's downtown traffic study has shown that downtown daytime traffic is 44 percent less busy than forecasts predicted three years ago.

Police Chief Alan Gordon said approximately 4,500 cars traveled through the downtown are on a typical day, far less than the 8,000 originally forecasted three years ago when the Bay State Commons shopping and residential development was first proposed for the area.

Gordon said a slow economy and empty storefronts, some of which are scheduled to be filled, are probably the case of the low levels of traffic.

The chief said he intended to check traffic again in September when the shopping season heats up.

-- John Dyer

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  1. That's because nobody goes to the mall and the condos are empty thanks to Herbert Hoover's (oops! George Bush's) economic policies.

    Posted by Dan July 28, 08 10:29 PM
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