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Voices of the override: Newton North High School

Posted by Ralph Ranalli May 20, 2008 03:28 PM

Newton North High School is many things: an educational institution, a community resource, a construction zone, a $197.5 million political flash point, and a symbol of either (pick one) municipal excess or a commitment to educational excellence.

And once or twice a year, it is also a polling place, one of the liveliest in the city in fact. And given how hotly contested the $12 million override vote has been, it's not a surprise that voters there expressed a variety of opinions. Here's two:


Voter: Maria Fulwiler, 18 (first time voter)
Occupation: Student, Tufts University
Vote: YES

Her take: "I had a great time in the Newton Public Schools. To have all the opportinutes that you get there is very invaluable, and I think it's very important that that continue. I was more busy at North than I am at college. I worked hard."

Voter: Victor Freeman, 73
Occupation: retired
Vote: NO

His take: I guess I'm mostly angry at City Hall. Mostly about the $200 million high school. I think it could have been handled better, starting with the mayor and working down.

-- Ralph Ranalli

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  1. People in a democracy (mob rule) get the government you deserve. The people of Newton voted in their City Government and they voted for the school so now they have to deal with it.

    Posted by Chris Shepard May 20, 08 07:15 PM
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