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Nonprofit Hudson wheelchair repair shop shuts its doors

Posted by Ralph Ranalli April 30, 2008 09:34 AM

David Heim, a Hudson resident who repaired expensive electric wheelchairs and other medical devices at low cost, has closed down his shop.

Heim, who ran the nonprofit Wheelchair Recycler service, gained fame when he received Christopher Reeve's wheelchair after the actor died and used its parts for other disabled people's chairs.

Heim said his success led to one problem: He eventually received so many donated wheelchairs that he ran out of space to keep them all. Until this past winter, he had worked out of a storage facility in Marlborough, often repairing chairs in the facility's parking lot.

Without the space to store the surplus parts he needs to offer cheap or free services, he said, he decided earlier this month that he would rather shut down than throw away expensive electric chairs he couldn't store.

-- John Dyer

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  1. This truly is a shame, there are so many people who need this kind of low cost wheel chair resource. Please tell me what happened to the inventory? Is it available?

    Posted by Peter McManus August 2, 08 01:07 PM
  1. That is a shame. I am a wheelchair user myself and I see disable people in the street daily with broken down wheelchairs."Only in America, when you are useful, it is all good, but when you are in need and disable nobody cares

    Posted by ronald c. harvey sr. September 7, 08 10:44 PM
  1. I am very sad to hear that he had to close his doors. I got a part from him when I needed one many years ago.
    I now have another wheelchair repair provider in Metrowest, They really seem to care and are very fair in their costs. They are very nice and the guy will call you within 24 hrs. - they even came to see my chair the next day. I think that is the way it is surposed to be for us here.
    Anyone want to know about him - he is chris 508-816-4789 is the direct line to him.
    He gets all my batteries and he fixed my tilt when it was not working, replaced my hand control too. I highly recommend them. I think the company is Rainbow Wheelchair Repair. Good luck.

    Posted by Angel Harold September 15, 08 01:45 PM
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