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Spotty reverse 911 performance in Milford prompts school officials to purchase secondary system

Posted by Ralph Ranalli January 7, 2008 07:48 AM


After hearing complaints about spotty performance by the town's reverse 911 system during last October's precautionary lockdown at Milford High School, the school committe has made plans to purchase its own emergency alert system.

The AlertNow system, which the district plans to implements as soon as possible, sends automated text messages and e-mail emergency alerts to all parents and educators. It will also be used to pass along standard announcements.

School Committee member Pacifico Decapua, Jr. said the committee first loosely discussed AlertNow during a meeting in September meeting, but made the purchase a priority when some school officials and parents complained they weren't informed about the October lockdown by Milford's reverse 911 system. School officials ordered a precautionary lockdown after a report from a group of students who believed there might have been a gun under a classmate's shirt.

The cost of AlertNow -- $10,710 a year, for three years -- will be paid for through the department's unanticipated retirement funds until it becomes a separate line item on next year's school budget, officials said.

-- Anna Fiorentino

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