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More from today's Globe West ...

Posted by Ralph Ranalli November 29, 2007 07:44 AM


Globe West's reporters and correspondents have cast their nets around the region and hauled in a bounty of interesting stories for today's edition, including:

Correspondent Alexandra Perloe's report about how Ashland parents are being asked to complete a survey about drug and alcohol use by adolescents, in an effort to close the sometimes significant gap between the perceptions of adults and the realities of teenagers;

Staff writer Ralph Ranalli's story about how a rule change on handicapped ramps has helped the once-reliable Needham Line on the Commuter Rail sink into a morass of tardy trains and frustrated riders;

Correspondent Nadia Salomon's story about how state officials are making it easier for non-custodial parents to get information about their children's school records, and;

Staff writer Stephanie Siek's report about how Waltham School Committee members say collective bargaining has delayed completion of the annual performance review for the district's superintendent, Susan Parrella, who is now in the final year of a contract that may not be renewed.

For a complete listing of all of today's Globe West stories, visit the section online.

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