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Apartment inspection fee results in poison pen incident in Milford

Posted by Ralph Ranalli November 9, 2007 09:29 AM


A Hopedale man questioned by Milford Police detectives for writing a threatening letter to Milford's Board of Selectmen now says he plans to apologize.

Investigators say the two-page letter was received on Friday, Oct. 26, from 41-year-old Craig S. Glatky, who owns rental property in Milford. Milford police Lt. James Falvey said Glatky's letter was written in response to the town's new bylaw requiring landlords to have their units inspected and measured and to pay a $50 inspection fee.

The following is a expert from Glatky's letter:

As an American, I will declare war on the town of Milford. No threats. I will start a civil war against the communist party here in [the] town of Milford. As an American - I will lead the good old US of A back to freedom.

William Buckley, the chairman of the Milford board, said he doesn't know Glatky personally, but that he took the letter seriously enough to turn it over to police. Buckley said he wouldn't comment further because he didn't want to encourage Glatky's behavior.

Glatky said he didn't think the letter was threatening, but admitted that he was upset when he wrote it. He said he planned on writing an apology letter to the board and would like to put the incident behind him.

Police said Glatky was not charged because he has no criminal record or known history of violence.

-- Nadia Salomon

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