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Also in today's Globe West ...

Posted by Ralph Ranalli October 18, 2007 08:30 AM


Globe West's reporters and correspondents have stepped up to the plate today with a full lineup of interesting stories from around the region, including:

Staff writer Ralph Ranalli's report on how, with less than a year to go until the MCAS science exams become a mandatory graduation requirement, students in a dozen schools in the region had failure rates of 30 percent or higher on either the biology, chemistry, or physics exams;

Correspondent Kristen Green's story about how Lincoln, a longtime dry town, is in line to see its first drinking establishment as early as next summer;

Correspondent Lisa Keen's story about the debate raging in Wellesley about whether the town can and should use an $825,000 bequest, and raise additional funds, for a freestanding senior center for its aging baby-boomer population, or turn use the money upgrade the modest facilities for seniors currently available at the Wellesley Community Center, and;

Correspondent Tanya Perez-Brennan's report about how the debate over whether Framingham has too many shelters and social service agencies has moved to the internet via a popular local web site.

For a complete listing of all the stories in today's edition of Globe West, visit the section online.

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