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Send in the clowns...

Posted by Erica Noonan, Globe West September 7, 2007 01:13 PM


The inside of the Natick Collection's new wing is dark wood and stylish tile and glass. Very classy.

But opening day entertainment has more mass-market appeal. It seems they've hired just about every clown in the Greater Boston area for opening day.

There's Davey, who crafts balloon animals and plays the accordion. Jenny the Juggler pained faces. There was even a unicycle-riding, juggling clown. And a rabbit in a box.

Chic or not, the kids are loving it. And shoppers, many of whom have small children, love it, too.

"This is a very kid friendly mall," said Robin Marshall of Sudbury. "He (Davey) was chasing someone with a rubber chicken before. It was pretty funny."

Her young daughter was dancing to Davey's accordion tunes.

"I loveeee it!" her daughter said.

Clowns aren't the only entertainment at the Collection's opening day. An older gentleman played the piano in front of the not-yet-open Neiman Marcus.

He wasn't wearing a tux (and looked kind of rumpled, actually) but everyone seemed impressed with his playing.

Classy, I thought, but then I realized what he was playing. It was the theme from "Sesame Street".

-- Alex I. Oster

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