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Leave the Mom Jeans and Crocs at Home

Posted by Ralph Ranalli September 7, 2007 04:39 PM

The offending digits: our correspondent is feeling a tad declasse.
(Globe staff photo)


Just a hint: if you're planning on visiting the Natick Collection in its initial days, you might want to dress up.

This advice is offered by a reporter whose outfit's total value was less than most shoppers' shoes. Believe it or not, one Sephora customer with flawlessly French manicured nails literally sneered at this humble correspondent's obviously D.I.Y. pedicure.

A quick search for another member of the fashion proletariat yielded only a woman in mom jeans and a bewildered looking senior citizen in high-waisted pastel pants. It was only as the after-school crowd filtered in from local middle and high schools that the majority of patrons began to look less like socialites at a haute couture trunk sale and more like the customers of a stereotypical suburban mall.

-- Stephanie V. Siek

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