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A question of sincerity

Posted by Ralph Ranalli September 25, 2007 06:13 AM


The Wellesley Board of Selectmen has sent a letter last week opposing the proposed mixed-income development at the corner of Hillside Road and Washington Street.

The letter states that, while the state Chapter 40B law is intended to encourage the building of homes affordable to people with low to moderate incomes, the Board does not believe affordable housing is developer Michael J. Connolly's motivation in using the law to seek a state waiver of single residence zoning restrictions to build a multi-unit development.

Instead, the letter charges that Connolly has engaged in a "manipulative use" of the Chapter 40B law to build in excess of the single family density zoning.

Connolly, however, fired back in a recent interview, saying that there couldnít be anything further from the truth.

"Iíve been insistent from the start," he said Connolly. "If we are able to do affordable housing, then letís do it."

A spokesperson for MassHousing, which is considering Connolly's request, said it typically takes about 90 days to grant or deny an application.

-- Lisa Keen

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