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They're not down on the farm in Holliston

Posted August 30, 2007 10:01 AM


Six local farms have signed on to participate in Holliston Farms Day, a celebration of local agriculture sponsored by the Holliston Agricultural Commission, organizers said.

Activities for the Sept. 16. event are expected to include hayrides, a petting zoo, and apple picking, and a road race. Participating farms include the Arcadian Farm, Broad Hill Vineyards, Lil' Folk Farm, Highland Farm, MacArthur Farm, and Out Post Farm.

-- Calvin Hennick

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1 comments so far...
  1. I went to MacArthuer Farm to buy some fruits and vegetables. When I was there I picked up this flyer that said Holliston Farms Day is 9/13/09 not 9/16/09 It also includes only four farms not six. The Following farms that are included in the flyer are Out Post Farm, Highland Farm, MacArthur Farm and Arcadian Farm. Yet the folowing info from the Holliston Agricultural Commission's website says Holliston Farms Day - Sept 13, (again not 9/16/092009) Participating Farms:
    1. Out Post Farm - 300 Prentice St.
    2. Highland Farm - 635 Highland St. along with…Patt’s Blueberries
    3. MacArthur Farm -137 Concord St. Arcadian Farm - 200 Norfolk St.
    4. Lil’ Folk Farm - 1070 Washington St. Mayor's Plantation - Highland St.
    Some flyer I got. - Jen Welsh.
    (PS) Also, can someone please give me the actual date of when this event realy starts. Thank you.

    Posted by Jen Welsh September 12, 09 05:23 PM
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