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Vote coming on new teachers' pact in Millis

Posted by Ralph Ranalli August 12, 2007 10:15 AM


Millis teachers will vote early next month on a contract that would guarantee them pay raises for the next three years, schools Superintendent Peter Sanchioni said.

In the first half-year of the contract, teachers would receive a 1 percent increase, followed by another 1.75 percent increase in the second half of the year. New teachers and the most experienced teachers would receive an additional 2 percent raise.

In the second year, all teachers would receive a 3 percent raise, and teachers with 60 educational credits beyond a master's degree would receive an extra increase. In the contract's third year, all teachers would receive a 3.5 percent raise.

Teachers' union representatives and the school committee reached the tentative agreement last month.

-- Calvin Hennick

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  1. I thought Mr. Sanchioni was a great superintendent for Millis School and really did his job. Like for snow days, he would have go to school but not having to have school in the cooped up classrooms in the heat.

    Posted by Anonymous Writer July 18, 08 05:42 PM
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