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No cap and gown for prankster, will there be a ball and chain?

Posted by Ralph Ranalli June 7, 2007 04:49 PM


Police sought charges Tuesday against a former Holliston High School for hacking into the school’s computer system as part of a senior prank.

Police say Andrew Brockert, 18, accessed a computer system without authorization and perpetrated identity fraud by using other people’s passwords to hack the system. Both are misdemeanors, and Holliston Police Chief Thomas Lambert said it is unlikely that Brockert will face jail time. Lambert said Brockert hacked the computer system in order to shut off the school’s security system, and then Brockert and three other Holliston High School seniors broke into the school using a master key.

Once in the school, Lambert said, the students moved Principal Mary Canty’s desk out of her office and into a hallway. Brockert and the three other students were barred from participating in the school’s senior week and graduation ceremony because of the incident.

Lambert said the other three individuals involved would not be charged. Instead, they will be referred to a court diversion program for first-time offenders, where they will have to complete community service. A clerk magistrate will decide later this summer whether
there is enough evidence to proceed with the case against Brockert.

– Calvin Hennick

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