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Needham by the numbers

Posted by Ralph Ranalli May 10, 2007 10:20 AM


Needham’s 20,079 residents are left-leaning politically speaking, love dogs, and have trouble returning their library books on time. At least, that’s what the numbers say, according to the 2006 annual report released last week.

Needham is home to 6,464 Democrats, 2,848 Republicans, and 9,022 unenrolled voters. In total, they they paid $66.1 million in real estate taxes, recycled 3,430 tons of paper products, threw out 7,845 tons of trash, and forked over $44,883 in library fines. The town issued 2,365 dog permits.

Crime was down 6.5 percent to 677 reported offenses. But cases of breaking and entering rose 53 percent to 66. Juvenile arrests and complaints stayed about the same at 43 charges.

Needham suffered 38 cases of Lyme disease – up from 23 in 2005 – and 15 cases of whooping cough. Four people contracted salmonella poisoning. The Health Department administered 4,520 flu shots.

And, just in time for Mother’s Day, families welcomed 306 newborn babies into their homes.

-– Lauren K. Meade

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