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Newton native told 'You're fired!'

Posted by Martin Finucane April 4, 2007 01:28 PM


Tim Urban
(NBC Photo)


Newton's Tim Urban had a pretty gruesome time in Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" boardroom on Sunday night with all the requisite back stabbing and yelling.

And when it came down to eliminating someone from the team that had botched the task of pitching mouthwash, the 24-year-old Harvard grad was given the "You're fired!" by the Trumpster.

Considered by the fan websites to be among the favorites for winning this sixth installment, Urban took a lot of grief from his fellow contestants and Trump for his budding relationship with teammate Nicole D'Ambrosio, who survived this week's boardroom scrutiny.

The Los Angeles-based Urban seemed to shrug off his loss in the car ride out of the LA mansion, but he was too overwhelmed Monday hearing from everyone he had kept at bay to elaborate to us about what his plans are.

We do know that the pianist and songwriter, who was dubbed "The Musician" on the show, has just released his first CD, "Turning Home." He also continues to oversee The Cartim Group, an LA tutoring company he helped launch two years ago.

-- Boston Globe "Names" column

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