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Amazing girls, amazing pressure

Posted by Ralph Ranalli April 6, 2007 12:57 PM


The New York Times used Newton North High as the setting for a recent Sunday front page story on so-called "amazing girls" - high schoolers with big expectations and big stresses.

The thesis of the story -- that girls are getting conflicting messages from parents and teachers to be perfect, but to be themselves at the same time -- has sparked a debate about whether we expect too much too soon from our kids.

The story has been mentioned in several local blogs and prompted numerous letters to the Times from readers, including this one from Chris Ludwig of Maynard:

When will the madness end? Yet another generation consumed with the destination rather than the journey.

Esther Mobley, the subject of your article, says, In a lot of ways, its all about that one week, when the Newton North (Mass.) school newspaper lists where the seniors are going to college.

Unless we teach our children to enjoy each day, this race to the next peak will continue, and real satisfaction with the here and now will not be realized.

What do you think? Are we pushing girls too far to fast or just pushing them to be their best selves? Sound off in the Globe West Message Boards.

-- Ralph Ranalli

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