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A comic-book vision of life

Posted by Ralph Ranalli March 4, 2007 08:51 AM



With all the billions spent on the Big Dig, could it be that some secret project was budgeted into it?

Did the government build something beneath it that we're not supposed to know about? And, on another note, if you're unarmed and attacked by assassins wearing night-vision goggles, what's the best way to fight them off?

These are the kinds of questions that romp through the mind of A. David Lewis -- at night. That's when he turns up his Bruce Springsteen CDs, scoots up to his desk, and churns out suspense-filled, action-packed comic books like his new series, "Empty Chamber."

Released by Silent Devil comics last month, the series tells the story of a conspiracy-theory-obsessed Boston student who finds himself caught up in a terrorist plot. When a friend sends Matt Mahtganee a clue that could foil the attack, Matt winds up running all over town trying to elude the bad guys.

"I wanted to set an adventure in Boston that made use of Boston's landmarks and mysteries, and the Big Dig just screamed mystique," said Lewis, a 29-year-old Framingham native who lives in Allston. "It's everyday mystique -- something we see every day and get so used to that we stop even looking at it."

Read more about Lewis' flights of imagination in today's Globe West.

-- Denise Taylor

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