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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When he's not accepting the Nobel Prize ...


University of Massachusetts Medical School researcher Craig C. Mello supports a tax override. He has pledged $10,000 in matching funds to help the group Yes4Shrewsbury campaign for a tax increase to benefit the schools and other public services. In upcoming weeks, selectmen will consider the proposal.

For those that have been out of the loop, Mello and Stanford's Andrew Fire won the 2006 Nobel Prize for medicine for their work in genetics. The two men also won $1.4 million in prize money.

Shrewsbury public schools have cutback teachers and programs in recent years due to budget constraints. Mello's children attend town schools. To bring more attention to the local override debate, he Mello has agreed to be the keynote speaker a Yes4Shrewsbury fundraiser on Thursday, March 22 at Apple Spice Junction.

-- Meg Woolhouse

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