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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What would he call it? Spite Tower?

Patrick and Elizabeth Hannon in front of their Rogers Street home.
(Globe Staff photo by Bill Polo)


Pat Hannon, Newton's most combative homeowner, is at it again.

In the latest chapter of his battle with City Hall over his property on Crystal Lake, Hannon is threatening to develop his land as a 12-story condo tower with as affordable housing under Chapter 40B, the state law that allows developer to skirt some zoning requirements.

The only problem for Hannon is that state law also allows local conservation officials to restrict how developers build on property within 100 feet of wetlands. Hannon's latest statement's came after his negotiations with the city to purchase his property broke down.

Conservation officials, meanwhile, will deciding tomorrow whether to order repairs to a wall on Hannon's property, which is located next door to the popular city swimming hole on the lake. Hannon is expected to ask the commission to order the city to remove a small wooden dock that he claims is leaching arsenic into the water.

-- Connie Paige

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