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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Skunk, online

The big stinker himself
(Photo: Laurie Swope for the Boston Globe)


Anyone checking out, an on-line forum for comments on all things Marlborough, will find that the actions of former pro wrestler Christopher "The Skunk" Antal, written about in Sunday's Globe West, have caused a stir.

The Skunk made news recently by calling Brazilians "lazy" and appearing to urinate on a the country's flag on his local cable access program.

The incident garnered international attention after it appeared on the program Fantastico in Brazil. Dozens of Marlborough residents also had much to say about the video and illegal immigration in the city. One forum member using the name "Doc S." wrote that he saw the Skunk in the grocery store complaining about illegals.

"He was saying the things that so many felt, but would not dare to say. And it cracked me up."

Another forum participant, Geo, wondered if the Skunk could "be deported someplace?"

A city councilor and the director of the city's food pantry also weighed in. And even the Skunk himself has posted comments.

"I am not a racist!" he wrote. "I have not broken any law whatsoever."

-- Megan Woolhouse

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