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President Bush touts hybrid car with batteries by Watertown firm

Posted by Ralph Ranalli February 24, 2007 08:39 AM


President Bush peered under the hood of an all-electric sport utility truck and a hybrid car with batteries made by a Watertown firm parked at the White House Friday.

Bush used the occasion to stress that his goal of reducing gasoline use by 20 percent over the next decade is realistic.

"I firmly believe that the goal I laid out - that Americans will use 20 percent less gasoline over the next 10 years - is going to be achieved, and here's living proof of how we're going to get there,'' Bush said on the South Lawn.

Bush's energy proposals, made in his State of the Union address last month, include ramping up the production of alternative fuels such as ethanol made from new, non-corn feedstocks.

"We're going to be driving our cars using all kinds of different fuels other than gasoline, and using batteries that will be able to be recharged in vehicles that don't have to look like golf carts,'' Bush said after meeting with business leaders and scientists who believe there is a market for automobiles that use high-tech batteries.

The hybrid car that Bush inspected had a high-power lithium-ion battery made by A123 Systems of Watertown. It can power the car for about 40 miles and recharge in five hours.

-- AP

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