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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Plainville's new superintendent says goodbye to R.I.


Plainville's two elementary schools will soon have a new superintendent. David Raiche will leave the superintendent's position in West Warwick, R.I. and take the job in the town of 863 students.

Raiche, who will officially retire from West Warwick in April, gave his final report to their school committee Tuesday, the Kent County Daily Times reports.

Raiche took some ribbing because the Plainville district is smaller than his old district.

Daniel T. Burns Jr., chairman of the West Warwick board, said, "I can't see why he wants to go to such a hard job and run two elementary schools. What do they have, a $700 a year budget?"

Raiche, in his turn, teased Burns. "By the way, Dan, something you might want to think about. They have this rule in Plainville that school committee meetings cannot last more than 90 minutes. My new chairman, he plays the piano and leads the community chorus. So maybe there is something you can aspire to in the future years."

-- Adam Sell

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