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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Parents, advocates hope for more special ed funding after Lincoln-Sudbury slaying


In the wake of the stabbing death of a Lincoln-Sudbury High School student, allegedly by a Princeton student with Asperger syndrome, parents and advocates are hoping that increased awareness about the condition will lead to an infusion of money into the special education budgets of Massachusetts school systems.

John Odgren, 16, of Princeton is charged with first-degree murder in the Jan. 19 attack on James Alenson, 15, in a boys’ bathroom at the school.

“I think one of the problems sometimes you see in a school system is a child with Asperger’s may do well academically, and so some of the schools don’t really understand the need for children who are very bright to also have the social and communications skills they’re going to need later on in life. It’s a hidden disability,” Dania Jekel, director of the Watertown-based Asperger’s Association of New England said.

-- Telegram Gazette of Worcester

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