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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Newton blogger returns from Middle East


One of two Newton women who have been blogging on about their experiences in the Middle East has returned.

Aida Sadr writes: "I am now back in Boston. Sometimes when I walk down the street, I get startled because I realize that my scarf is tied around my neck, and not around my head; after a brief interruption in my hearbeat, I remember that I am in Boston, not Tehran, and that I need not worry about exposing my hair in public. Sometimes instead of saying “thank you”, “merci” escapes my mouth. I often crave using Iranian expressions, which have no counterpart in English."

Aida Sadr and Zoe Jick are two close friends from Newton. Sadr was living with relatives in her native Iran. Zoe is staying in Israel. They blog about life in the Middle East as two friends in enemy countries.

-- Globe West Staff

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