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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meaty commentary turns to spam


The blog that formerly served up news and commentary on the City of Newton's finances is now hawking advice on personal debt consolidation and ways to repair your credit score.

Paul Levy, president of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, recently shut down the blog of the Newton Blue Ribbon Commission, the elite, mayor-appointed body that has caused a stir with its dire pronouncements about the city's financial future. Now, like many newly-former-blogs, the blue ribbon group's URL has apparently been harvested by an internet direct-marketing company.

Levy's commission recommended several ways the city could save money and boost revenues in a report released early this month. After the report was out, Levy continued to address city leaders on a blog created for the commission, taking the mayor and aldermen to task for failing to implement the commission’s recommendations.

Recently, Levy discontinued his commentary. He said that if he had any further comments to share in cyberspace, he would do so on a blog run by a local newspaper.

“I asked if there was any reason I should continue the blog,” he explained yesterday. “Nobody responded, except two people who said no. I guess the people have voted.”

-- Connie Paige

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