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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Extra cheese, hold the boredom

Route 27 in Natick
(Globe West Staff photo)


Schools are closed today and Natick center is an icy snowscape. Kids on sleds zip down the hill at the Johnson Elementary School -- moving considerably faster than the traffic on slippery, snow-covered Route 27.

Plenty of people were still working, though. For some shopkeepers, it was, by default, Take Your Child To Work Day. At George's Pizza, the son of one of the employees sat hunched over a Game Boy as men tossed pizza a few feet away. Lola's Italian Harvest owner Anthony Matarazzo was accompanied by his son, also home for the snow day.

But hanging out with dad was no holiday. When a customer came in seeking fresh cannolis for Valentine's Day dinner, Anthony Jr. was speedily put to work helping out.

Commuters won't be getting much of a break this afternoon either. Forecasters continue to predict sleet and freezing rain, heavy at times, through the evening commute.

-- Erica Noonan

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