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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Curb unappeal


Newton residents may find their household trash overstaying its welcome soon if they fail to recycle properly, the city says.

Elaine Gentile, the city’s Director of Environmental Affairs, said municipal officials have been contemplating how to mount a more aggressive recycling program. She could give no date for the start of the new recycling program, which would use stickers to identify what homeowners should be putting in their green recycling bins instead of in the trash.

Gentile said it is likely that the city would simply leave the trash of scofflaws at the curb, rather than follow the lead of other communities and fine them -- even though a Newton ordinance allows it. She recently told the Newton Blue Ribbon Commission, which weighed in last week on the city’s finances, that the city could raise $200,000 more from recycling each year.

-- Connie Paige

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