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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Of water bills and dyslexia


City Councilor Steven Levy said erratic and excessive water bills from the city have frustrated Marlborough residents for too long, but when asked whether a city meter reader with dyslexia contributed to the problem, he had no comment.

"Under the city solicitor's advice, I probably shouldn't be talking about that. It's potentially a legal matter," he said.

Levy is now trying to help about a half dozen constituents resolve their bills, including one resident who had an $11,000 credit simply disappear suddenly from his bill without any explanation.

The Metro West Daily News last week quoted Levy as saying the problems stemmed from faulty billing software and the fact that "one of two city meter readers may be dyslexic."

Levy asked city comptroller Tom Abel to explain the billing problems at the next city council meeting on Jan. 22.

Mayor Nancy Stevens, meanwhile, has already shifted the city's water billing process to the department of public works. Levy said this week that he doesn't know how the change will improve billing.

-- Megan Woolhouse

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