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Friday, January 26, 2007

Crystal Lake saga goes to the Community Preservation Committee


The Crystal Lake saga has now reached the Community Preservation Committee.

Patrick Hannon, owner of a one-acre property next door to the popular swimming spot, last week authorized Alderman Kenneth Parker to convey an offer to the committee to sell the property for $3.9 million. Hannon said he was disappointed, however, that no one showed up at a recent committee meeting except for him, Parker, and the members.

"I see a definite lack of interest," Hannon said last week after the meeting.

Hannon has the property on the market for $4.5 million, and asked the preservation committee to give him some kind of sign of interest in the sale by Feb. 9. Hannon is declining to deal with Mayor David B. Cohen, who had offered $2.3 million for the house what officials said is the appraised value they are required to offer but what Hannon took as an "insult."

After a long-running dispute with the city over the property, Hannon says he is moving to Maine and selling it to developers, if the city doesn't buy it.

-- Connie Paige

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