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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Conquering cancer one plate at a time



Those "Conquer Cancer" license plates you've seen on the road might make you think of a loved one, or a friend, but probably not the Zuker family of Newton.

But the plates are indeed a Zuker family production. They were inspired by 53-year-old Michael Zucker, who died of lung cancer in 2004, designed by his son Jonathan, and brought into existence by his widow, Susan.

It wasn't an easy task, in fact, Susan Zucker had to get 1,500 people to sign up and write a $40 check for one of the plates before the Registry of Motor Vehicles would agree to sanction them.

But she did it, and today Susan Zucker and her two sons presented nearly $70,000 to five local cancer organizations at the Wellness Community in Newton. The plates now adorn more than 2,100 cars across the state.

Conquer Cancer license plates are available at RMV branches online or at the Zucker family's web site.

-- Ralph Ranalli

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