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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A wish list in Berlin


A sound system, upgraded door locks, and air conditioning.

A teenager's Christmas list? The stuff I paid extra for in my new Toyota? Nope.

Those are all items on a wish list Berlin Memorial School Principal Richard Borowiec has submitted to the School Committee.

The $32,000 capital plan includes: replacing classroom doors that do not lock from the inside, as well as several faulty exterior doors; repairing and shortening the bleachers in the gym; installing a drainage system and landscaping in the playground area; adding an air conditioner to the communication room; and five amplification systems, four for classrooms and one portable unit.

The board will decide how much of the wish list to fund in their fiscal 2008 budget, Borowiec said. Last year the board funded more than $40,000 in improvements.

-- Jennifer Rosinski

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