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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A good chief is hard to find


A. Wayne Sampson, who retired as Shrewsbury's police chief last month and became executive director of the Shrewsbury-based Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, says the top local police job has its complexities -- and that's deterring some internal candidates.

"In a lot of our communities, existing supervisors are not applying for the chief's jobs. A lot of them just don't want the budgetary issues. They don't want to deal with the politics and the public exposure in making the decisions the chiefs are required to make," he said.

"Being a chief today is such a wearing political environment for law enforcement," he said. "It's extremely difficult for a chief to maintain the stability with an agency over a long period of time."

Sampson said the average tenure of a police chief today is seven
years. A Globe story today examines the trend.

-- Joyce Pellino Crane

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