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Friday, December 1, 2006

The Discovery kid


In 2004 Tyler Robinson skipped school, but he didn't just hang around town.

He wrangled crocodiles in Botswana, searched for leatherback sea turtle eggs in Costa Rica, excavated ancient skeletons in Thailand, and measured Argali sheep in the Gobi Desert.

Robinson was part of a trio of high school students sent on a 10-month world tour by the Maynard-based Earthwatch Institute. Their exploits are the subject of the documentary "A Year on Earth," airing in two parts on the Discovery Kids Channel.

The trip was the idea of Earthwatch president Ed Wilson as a way to show how young people can tackle global problems. The teens helped Earthwatch scientists collect data on a dozen projects, ranging from documenting vanishing species and forests to digging up traces of an ancient civilization.

Here's a picture of flamingo-covered Lake Bogoria, Kenya, one of the stops on Robinson's trip:


Read more about Tyler Robinson's excellent adventure in Sunday's Globe West.

-- Susan Chaityn Lebovits

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