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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sammy Muhlfelder, 23



Full of plans and brimming with scampish humor and charm, Sammy Muhlfelder wrote a personal note several months ago while applying to renew a scholarship at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture.

Though he had been ill about a year, it wasn't his nature to concede a day of the future.

"Upon leaving Michigan, well, who knows? I'm twenty-three now and I'll be twenty-five-plus then; time to find a wife in Spain, Italy or Israel -- all three architecturally sound options," he wrote. "My only foreseeable hope is that, wherever I do land, I stay true to the design ethic raised in these three-plus years of education. The real world kills many an idea and many a designer. The real world will not kill me, and it better not destroy the inspiration currently within."

A few weeks ago, the scleroderma that had afflicted him intensified, and he died Nov. 29 in Massachusetts General Hospital. He was 23 and had grown up in Newton, the Globe reports in an obituary today.

-- Bryan Marquard

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