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Monday, December 4, 2006

Chef Dane's opening in Needham


Chef Dane's, California uber chef Dane Mechlin's idea of a cross between a supermarket and a take-out restaurant, is formally opening a franchise in Needham today.

Chef Dane's website says: "We plan the menu, do the shopping, do the chopping, and the cleanup. You assemble and customize personalized gourmet meals to cook and serve it at home. Chef Dane's can save you about 30 hours per month."

It's suggested that prospective customers book online a two-hour session, during which they have prep stations at their disposal where they might make a dozen dinners for a family of six; the food is then brought home in containers that can be frozen.

Costs average roughly $4 to $7 per serving so someone who made a dozen dinners for six could be looking at a bill of roughly between of just under $300 to just over $500.

"Families have steadily moved away from quality time around quality dinners," James Fici, manager of Chef Dane's Needham, said in a statement. "And we know how important it is to bring that part of life back. By doing most of the work ourselves, we give parents the opportunity to put together fresh, healthy, gourmet meals and have fun doing it."

-- Chris Reidy

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