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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Question 1 opponents listed


Globe West reported recently on efforts by liquor store owners to persuade local officials to go on record against a statewide ballot question that would allow more supermarkets to sell wine.

The liquor stores have suggested that the proposal would lead to more underage drinking and drunken driving. The supermarkets say the liquor stores simply fear more competition.

The results of the anti-Question 1 lobbying campaign appear in a full-page ad in the Globe today, as voters head to the poll to cast their ballots in the state election.

The ad, which suggests the new law could lead to alcohol being sold at gas station mini-marts, says that opponents of Question 1 include the selectmen in Hopkinton and Wrentham, along with the Marlborough Licensing Board, Wayland Police Chief Robert Irving, and several area state representatives.

Correspondent Alison O'Leary Murray reported that some selectmen shied away from taking a position, saying it was a state issue that they shouldn't be involved in.

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