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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Moving the parents


Thomas Lee writes in a column in the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis about the trials and tribulations of moving his aging parents out of their house in Watertown to a more suitable abode.

"My childhood home in Watertown, Mass., was a deathtrap. The house, which resembles something out of a bleak Dickens novel, stands about 30 feet above street level with a front porch that's connected to the sidewalk by a steep flight of cracked concrete steps. Mom and Dad were hip replacement operations waiting to happen" Lee writes.

Lee tells about the difficulty of clearing out all his parents' junk -- and his father's decision to hire movers only for the larger items, which meant the rest had to be moved in shopping carts.

"It was surreal. How could my parents have so much, especially since we had spent the past four months throwing away their stuff? And why, oh why, didn't we rent a van? I would have gladly paid for it," Lee writes in the column.

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