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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Important visitors at Medway library


Members of the state Board of Library Commissioners are scheduled to visit Medway tomorrow to meet with town and library officials.

Selectman Richard Dunne said, "We will implore them for a waiver for the next year at the library."

Town officials and the Medway Library Trustees have been at loggerheads over the library's budget since last spring, when it was slashed as the town's dire financial condition became clear.

Selectmen say the budget was cut at the direction of the state Department of Revenue, which is giving local officials direction to recover from financial turmoil.

Library trustees claim the budget was cut while other town budgets increased, unequal treatment that state library officials will view harshly when reviewing the facility's application for certification.

Trustees chairwoman Wendy Rowe told a special Town Meeting last month that if the library doesn't gain enough funding from the town to stay open more than 30 hours a week it will lose certification and residents will be barred from borrowing materials from other towns.

Town Meeting defeated the trustees' bid for more money but during the proceedings selectmen promised to make a strong case to state library officials for a waiver that will allow Medway to retain its library certification temporarily until town finances are straightened out.

-- Alison O'Leary Murray

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