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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Healey sign ordered to move


Norfolk Town Administrator Jack Hathaway denies the town is playing favorites when it comes to political signs.

Officials asked the owner of a van with a large sign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kerry Healey, to move the van after a resident pointed out a bylaw prohibiting the use of vehicles as fixed display advertisements.

The van had been parked in the same location, on property near the corner of Boardman Street and Main Street.

Some residents questioned why officials did not demand that the van be moved during the primary elections, when it held a sign for Democratic candidate Chris Gabrieli.

Hathaway said he wasn’t aware that the signs flouted town regulations until a resident pointed out the fixed-display bylaw. “If we had realized the Gabrieli sign was a violation, we would have addressed it at that point,” Hathaway said.

-– Calvin Hennick

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